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***Our 50th REUNION***

What can I say?! It was a great weekend; wonderful to see everyone again and to make new friendships. Mr Titzler couldn't make it at the last minute, but Mr. Holler, Mrs. Blair, Mr. Hurley, and Mr. & Mrs. Holway attended and it was great to see them again. Seems that Mrs. Blair only taught for a couple of years, then retired to raise her family.

From Carolyn Pfanner Giambra The conventional wisdom is that attending your 50th high school class reunion should make you pause and realize how old you are. I recently attended my 50th reunion from Tonawanda High School, Class of 1963, after serving on the planning committee for almost a year in advance, and now I feel young at heart.
Beginning with the casual mixer, the first glimpse of each classmate was a shocker, half because s/he looks right out of a page of the yearbook and the other half who were unidentifiable even after hearing the birth name. Identifying the women was easier because most of them retained their youthful hair color, but the men had all aged so much with their gray hair, what they had of it. Luckily we were all wearing name tags with our senior picture and our name in a large font.
The open microphone provided many laughs that evening. One classmate read out of the Student Handbook all the rules we obeyed, that our grandchildren would now ignore and scoff at. From another classmate, we learned why she was suspended 3 times by the Principal (who attended her church) and how her mother's discipline ensured that she did not enjoy her time off. Perhaps 1963 was the last year that children were more afraid of what their parents would say, when disciplined at school. Another woman interrogated her classmates about who had conspired to lock the substitute teacher in her History class in the closet, while others threw his nerdy briefcase out the window. All mouths are still sealed on that one!
Our main event was the dinner the next evening, planned as carefully as we had planned our children's weddings. With everyone still wearing name tags, and more spouses in tow, it was also a night to remember. The music was provided on an iPod loaded with over 1000 tunes from the Sixties that a classmate could locate on request. Another classmate gave us each an envelope of clippings from the Tonawanda News about ourselves, covering stories about school, college, marriage and careers for many years. I was able to enjoy an adorable baby picture of a friend's son, published at the time of his adoption.
The hour before dinner was also the time to chat with the handful of former teachers in attendance, calling them by their first names. It made me realize just how young they were when they handled our class, and from all accounts, we were a handful. For one teacher, our class was memorable because she only taught 2 years before raising her family. That was quite a shame, because she was an excellent Math teacher. The men really had stories to share, since two of the teachers in attendance were also their coaches, in the time before Title IX, and those males bonded with their sports teams in ways the women never knew.
The dinner Invocation was given by a female classmate, who recounted in her prayer the number of wars our class had lived through and been influenced by growing up. That was chilling. The Benediction was given by another classmate, who left our school on a football scholarship to Nichols, but has always considered us his class of choice. He ended our dinner with prayer after the reading of the names and a moment of silence for the 37 members of our class who had passed away. That was also chilling and perhaps the only sad moment of the weekend.
If you have an invitation to your class reunion, go. It will erase 50 years of your life.

From Kathy Slater Koler: All I can say is thank you. Thank you to all of ;you who put in the hard work and dedication to our 50th Class Reunion this past weekend. What an outstanding affair and your 9 months (someone said that) of preparation was all worth it. As I told many of you, I wasn't going to come, but Marv pushed me into it and Boy! am I glad he did. We had a fabulous time. Only sorry I couldn't have spent more time with everyone, but we knew that going in. Hopefully this will regenerate some old friendships and it certainly did make some new. Tom, you did a wonderful job as MC both Friday night and Saturday night, bet you didn't think you would be doing that 50 years ago. The work that Donna put into the story boards was amazine. Karen, I can't even imagine the number of house you put into organizing this whole thing with the help of the rest of the committee. I talked to you twice on the phone and several emails. If everyone did this I don't know when you had time to sleep. And Jackie is another one who is probably happy this is over, but with all the pictures whe will have to add to the website, her job will continue for a long time to come. We will be sending you pictures as soon as we get back from vacation. Joan, so happy to see your face as we entered the Eldredge. You haven't changed a bit and seeing you meant we were in the right place. Jim, your music was timely and well-received (at least at our table). I know all my 45s are still buried in the basement and we sold our Elvis collection on Craig's list. Good job digging all that up (or did you still have them)! My only regrets are that I never got around to Joe and Karen Armenia on Friday night. There were a few others I didn't find on Friday, but reunited with on Saturday. I don't know why I waited so long to come back, but hopefully John Kovacs is right that we can do another one in five years (maybe on a smaller scale) because old friendships shouldn't be wasted. Thank you again for a fabulous event! Marv & Kathy (Slater) Koler

From Pat Por Mathews: Thanks so much again for the great job you and your team did on the 50th reunion. It was fun and so great to see many of my friends from high school. Dave and I traveled to New York City for the week after the reunion and I decided to look up Bev Holcombe since her address was in the reunion booklet. After much searching, we found the apartment building. When we buzzed her apartment (which was listed as J Holcombe) a woman's voice answered and I explained that I was an old friend of Bev's. I don't know who the voice was, but she said that Bev had passed a few years ago. Sad news - I had so wanted to see her. Pat has a blog of their new house as it was being built. visit www.patmdavidw.blogspot.com.

From Don Wehrung I can truly say after 50 years that my best friends in life are from THS Class of 1963. Thanks for all the memories.

From Unknown Classmate: From someone who was "terrified" of 7th and 8th grade (I was from the wrong side of the tracks) thanks so much for helping me see the stars - the friends I had in high school.

From Karen Richards: Many thanks to the runion committee

From Ed Kaman: Fun! Fun! Fun!

From Rosemary Wagner Campisi: Good to see everyone

From: Jim Kaiser: Lots of fun! One of the Island kids, thanks Karen

From: Nancy Koch: Ge it's great to be back home again

From Bill Socha: Good luck to class of 1963

From Sandy Neuhaus Schnell I'm happy to be a part of such a great class. Reunion Weekend was great

From Karen Baldwin Marshall: What a great reunion it was!! The committee was the best and all our work was worth it.

From Joan Roth Close: What a wonderful weekend full of good memories and laughs


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***April 2014***

Michael Dutton passed away early this month.

***March 2014***

Sad to have to tell you we have lost another classmate: Madeline Richards Ball September 18, 2012. Passed away with her family by her side. She is predeceased by her husband, Robert A. Ball. Survived by her daughters, Nadine Ball and Kristina Stamatis (Matt Duell); grandchildren, Logan, Sofia and Pierson; sisters, Mary Ann Yurkanin and Nancy Stewart; several nieces and nephews; and many friends, including her golfing family.

For those of you who remember Mr. Lawrence Titzler (Mr. T) he is still alive and kicking. He would love to hear from any of his past students. Call him at (716) 694-1215.

We have purchased a brick on the THS Wall at the new stadium. It will be inscribed with our class. Picture will be published when available.

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Do any of you remember Margie Doyle? She went to Central Elementary with us. Ran into her recently at the post office with her mother who still lives here in Tonawanda. Margie is married, 3 grown children and several grand children. She lives in Batavia, NY.